Statistics Exit Calling Conventions

IBM® Connect:Direct® calls the statistics exit once for each statistics record generated. Standard linkage conventions apply.

The exit is given control with register 1 pointing to a list of two parameters. They are:

  • The first parameter is a pointer to the statistics record.
  • The second parameter is a pointer to an SQCB that you need for setting a return code if record exclusion is appropriate.

The first 2 bytes of the record contain the record length in binary format. The third and fourth bytes of the record contain the 2-chharacter record identifier. Refer to Statistics Records to see a table containing a list of the record type identifiers.

The second word of the record contains the time of day that the record is generated. The third word contains the date the record is generated.

Additional information in the records depends on the record type.

Assembler macros are provided in $CD.SDGAMAC library to generate dummy sections (DSECTS) to map all the record types. The exit program includes the DSECTS that map the record types to the exit processes.

A return code of 0 indicates that the record is logged. A return code of 4 indicates that the record is not logged.

The following figure depicts the information passed to the exit.