Considerations for Systems with z/OS UNIX System Services

The following considerations apply to systems with z/OS UNIX System Services:

  • Access to HFS files is controlled by UNIX System Services. The user ID under which the DTF runs must have UPDATE authority to the BPX.SERVER facility. In addition, the submitter ID/password, the PNODEID/password, or SNODEID/password must be valid. z/OS UNIX System Services enables or denies access based on the UNIX permission rules.
  • IBM® Connect:Direct® can also check HFS access without requiring a password. To use a password length of zero, you must set up an IBM RACF profile BPX.SRV.userid in class SURROGAT and make sure that the Connect:Direct started task userid has READ access to this profile. For more information, see Defining a Surrogate for User IDs with No Password.
  • UNIX System Service (BPX) calls are executed in the IBM Connect:Direct IUI under the TSO or Batch User ID. BPX calls require that a user ID has an OMVS segment defined to it within the external security product, such as IBM RACF, ACF2 or CA-TOP SECRET.
Note: The BPX calls are used to resolve the TCP/IP name or address for reporting purpose in Select Statistics. For more information on adding an OMVS segment to a user ID, see IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS Release Notes.