A New IBM Connect:Direct/Plex Environment

Use this setup for a new installation. The setup in this section assumes the following:

  • You have installed and started a single IBM® Connect:Direct® DTF.
  • You are changing a IBM Connect:Direct Stand-alone Server into a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment with three members: the IBM Connect:Direct Manager and two IBM Connect:Direct Servers. The IBM Connect:Direct Servers are named SERVER1 and SERVER2. SERVER1 has tape drive access for copy Processes requiring tapes.
  • The global and local initialization parameters files are located in $CD.PLEX.INITPARM (a PDS, not a PDSE, that you have built). The JCL to bring up the IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment is located in $CD.PLEX.JCL. You can either allocate these data sets or use existing data sets in their place. Do not use IBM Connect:Direct's SMP/E target PDSes for these data sets.