Local Node Keyword Parameters

The network map local node entry contains the following keyword parameters:

Parameter Description


The TCQ is a VSAM relative record data set (RRDS) that holds all Processes submitted to IBM® Connect:Direct®.

The TCQ parameter specifies the two files that comprise the Transmission Control Queue (TCQ). This parameter is required.

Note: Use the correct order (tcxdsn,tcqdsn) when you specify the two files.

tcxdsn identifies the data set name of the TCQ index (TCX).

tcqdsn identifies the data set name of the TCQ.

”description information”
These are free-form text parameters, which provide additional general information about an adjacent node entry. The CONTACT.NAME and CONTACT.PHONE parameters are limited to a maximum of 40 characters. The DESCRIPTION parameter is limited to a maximum of 255 characters.