LU6.2 SNA Services Manager

LU6.2 requires the following SNA Services Manager mode table entry definition. This LOGMODE is for VTAM use. You must make this definition in the Mode Table, but do not specify it as the LOGMODE in the network map.

SNASVCMG MODEENT LOGMODE=SNASVCMG,                                  X
               TYPE=1,                                              X
               COS=NJE,                                             X
               FMPROF=X’13’,                                        X
               TSPROF=X’07’,                                        X
               PRIPROT=X’B0’,                                       X
               SECPROT=X’B0’,                                       X
               COMPROT=X’D0B1’,                                     X
               RUSIZES=X’8585’,  256 SEND AND RECV RUSIZE           X