Network or Domain Name in Cross-Domain Network

The VTAM APPL definitions for IBM® Connect:Direct® nodes are in the supplied examples (in $CD.SDGACNTL) with the name field value (column 1) equal to the ACBNAME value. However, these names may be different. If they are different, the network name value contained in the name field must be unique within the network, and the value in the ACBNAME field must be unique within the domain.

If the names are different, follow these rules when defining the network map:

  • The name specified for the local node’s DTF APPLID must be the domain name.
  • The name specified for adjacent nodes’ DTF APPLIDs must be the network name.
  • The names specified in the API APPLIDS keyword of the adjacent node must be the domain names.

The following sample illustrates definitions for two nodes with unique network and domain names:

The VTAM definitions in this section are based on this example.

In the following VTAM definition examples, domain names contain a D as part of their name and network names contain an N.