Disabling SNMP Traps

Connect:Direct® for z/OS® provides support for an SNMP agent to send SNMP traps to alert a network manager of certain events. An event is any IBM® Connect:Direct message that is written to the console using SCWTO or DMWTO. Each event is triggered by the IBM Connect:Direct message ID and the trap text (short message text of that IBM Connect:Direct message). The IBM Connect:Direct events generated are defined by category and type.

  1. Edit the member DGAXSNMP in the $CD.DGASAMP dataset and disable any SNMP trap that you do not want IBM Connect:Direct to trigger.
  2. Specify the SNMP.DSN initialization parameter to have the SNMP traps specified in Step 1 disabled at initialization.
    Note: Refer to the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS Administration Guide for a description of each SNMP trap.