Using S3 object store providers with Connect: Direct for Unix

IBM® Connect:Direct® for UNIX can be configured to extend support to S3 object storage providers including AWS, Minio, Dell EMC ECS, and Red Hat Ceph to execute public and on-premise cloud-based operations. Users can now continue using the benefits of Connect:Direct features like security, reliability, and point-to-point file transfers optimized for high-volume delivery along with versatility that comes with a S3 storage backend.

Note that by default, Connect:Direct for Unix uses AWS S3 object store to transfer data between nodes installed on a EC2 instance or On-prem nodes, using pre-defined AWS S3 buckets. For more information on how to configure Connect:Direct to use other S3 object store providers see, Setting up Connect:Direct Node on S3 object store providers.

The Linux platform supports managed file transfers between the node and the AWS S3 object store. It is required to be installed on an EC2 instance in the same region as the source and destination S3 buckets. The EC2 instance requires the minimum configuration for SUSE or Red Hat Linux specified in the table above. To set up AWS account, EC2 instance, S3 bucket configuration and credentials contact your IT Administrator.

A Connect:Direct for Unix node running this release could either be located on-premise or be running on an EC2 instance on the cloud. The user can also configure both the Pnode and Snode on two EC2 instances on Cloud. An Amazon S3 object can serve as a source or as a destination to send and receive files.
Note: Connect:Direct for UNIX supports only Amazon Web Services. It does not yet support MS Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM SoftLayer.