Other Tools/Options to Extend Capabilities

There are several tools/options that extend the functionality available in IBM® Connect:Direct®, including:

  • Amazon S3 Cloud Storage support
  • Connect:Direct Web Services
  • IBM® Aspera® High-Speed Add-on for Connect:Direct®
  • Connect:Direct Application Interface for Java
  • Microsoft Windows SDK
  • SNMP Agent
  • Clustering Solutions

File Accelerator

The IBM File Accelerator is a UDT (UDP-based Data Transfer) solution that provides faster file transfers for high-volume files than TCP over high-speed networks with high latency.

Please consider the following known restriction when using UDT:
  • Under conditions of high CPU usage, a Connect:Direct Process running over UDT may be interrupted by a lost connection. If the connection is lost, the Process is retried. The frequency of connections lost due to high CPU usage can be reduced by restricting the number of concurrent UDT sessions through netmap session limits.
  • All UDT SNODE connections must be defined in your netmap so that the node name can be used to specify the SNODE in a Process statement. You cannot use an IP address and port number to specify the SNODE in a Process statement if you want to connect to a remote node using UDT.
  • UDT is not supported in a load balancing environment.
  • UDT is not supported with FASP.

Microsoft Windows SDK

The Software Development Kit can be used to integrate IBM Connect:Direct operations into your company's applications. The SDK uses a 32-bit interface for C and C++ as well as an OLE automation server for Visual Basic applications. The SDK also provides ActiveX controls for Submit Process and Select Statistics commands. The tools available in the SDK include: C API functions, C++ Class interface, ActiveX control interface, direct automation servers, and user exits.

SNMP Agent

The SNMP Agent is a proxy agent that enables a IBM Connect:Direct server to provide information to SNMP network management stations, which provides access to the following information:

  • General condition of the IBM Connect:Direct server
  • Alerts for events requiring further investigation, such as possible security violations, failing Processes, and session failure.

Clustering Solutions

IBM provides support for clustered environments such as IBM Sysplex, Symantic Veritas, Sun Solaris Cluster, and Microsoft Cluster Server.