Local Node Definition

During installation, you define a local node for IBM® Connect:Direct®. The local node definition specifies information, such as the operating system, default user ID, TCP/IP address, and port number. After installation, you can change the local node’s settings and define remote nodes. In addition to the default user ID you specify for a local node, you can add other users who will access that node.

Local User Authorities

After you define a user ID for each user who has access to the local node, you can restrict the ability of each user to perform certain tasks by defining user authorities for each user ID. For example, you can permit a user to submit a Process but not to monitor or delete Processes.

IBM Connect:Direct has two types of users: administrators and general users, and each type has a set of default privileges. You can use these user templates to assign user authorities and restrict user privileges. Local user authorities provide one type of authentication in IBM Connect:Direct. An alternative method of authentication is available using remote user proxies. For a listing of the default authorities for each type, see the product documentation for your IBM Connect:Direct platform.

Remote User Proxies

User proxy definitions (referred to as secure point of entry on the mainframe) contain remote user information for operations initiated from remote IBM Connect:Direct nodes. These definitions identify a proxy relationship between a user ID at a remote IBM Connect:Direct node and a local user ID. This mapping of remote and local user IDs enables users at remote IBM Connect:Direct nodes to submit work to the local IBM Connect:Direct node without explicitly defining user IDs and passwords in the Processes, eliminating the need to share passwords with your trading partners. User proxies also define what each user ID can do on the local IBM Connect:Direct node.

Configuration Settings for the Local Node

Initialization parameters determine various IBM Connect:Direct settings that control system operation. The initialization parameters are created when you install IBM Connect:Direct and can be updated as needed. Some of these settings may be overwritten in the netmap, user authorities, user proxies, and Processes.