Manually Configuring the AIX SNA Server

You can manually configure AIX SNA by modifying the values in the default profile entries, as appropriate for your environment; however, IBM® Connect:Direct® requires that you add a TP profile name with specific parameters.

  1. Log in as root
  2. Type one of the following commands:
    • For AIX SNA Server/6000
      mksnaobj -t'local_tp' -c 'basic' -w '/usr/lpp/sna' CDUTPPRO
    • For eNetwork Communications Server
      smitsnaadmin -x define_tp, tp_name='CDUTPPRO' conv_type='BASIC', \ 
      security_rqd='NO', sync_level='CONFIRM_SYNC_LEVEL', pip_allowed='YES'

      The following table lists the parameters required by IBM Connect:Direct. You can assign default values to all other parameters.

      Profile name


      Conversion type


      Full path to TP executable


      The path must be a valid directory that differs from the Connect:Direct for UNIX installation directory.