About the Configuration Script

If you want to use a script to generate the Connect:Direct® for UNIX configuration for AIX SNA Server/6000 support, run the script located in etc/cdsnacfg. After running the script, use SMIT to review the configuration to ensure that the profile values are appropriate for your environment. Sample profiles are provided as a reference.

Using the script, you can configure your IBM® pSeries workstation for any of the following options:

  • Token ring
  • SDLC leased line

Do not use the cdsnacfg script to configure more than one connection. The script archives and deletes the current profile entries before adding values required by IBM Connect:Direct.

The script issues commands to perform the following tasks:

  • Stop AIX SNA support.
  • Back up the current configuration to /snadirs/sna_XXXX.sav, where XXXX is the current month and day.
  • Delete the current AIX SNA profiles. You can restore or merge saved profiles with the smit importsna command.
  • Regenerate base profiles.
  • Configure AIX SNA support as required by IBM Connect:Direct.
  • Verify the AIX SNA configuration.
  • Start AIX SNA support.
  • Start the required SNA connections.