Load IBM Connect:Direct CICS Option into the CICS System Definition

Use the following procedure to load the IBM® Connect:Direct® CICS® option into the CICS system definition:

  1. Edit, customize and submit $CD.SDGAJCL(DGAJCSDL).

    This JOB creates and loads the CICS CONFIGuration data set using the data collected during the execution of DGA#CONF.

    This JOB also installs the DGACCSD contents into your CICS CSD.

  2. If you plan to upgrade from a prior release of IBM Connect:Direct, review Upgrading to IBM Connect:Direct Version 5.1 in the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® Release Notes®.
  3. Edit, customize and submit $CD.SDGAJCL(DGAJCSDO).

    This JOB uninstalls the prior IBM Connect:Direct CICS feature from your CICS CSD.

  4. If you need ESS processing, you must customize DGAQ247. You must also customize DGAQM98, depending on changes to DGAQ247, and, possibly, DGAQ249. These are located in $CD.SDGASAMP. Search for Using ESS with the CICS API in the documentation.
  5. If you customized ESS:

    Customize, edit and run DGAXASMB to Assemble DGAQM98.

    Customize, edit and run DGAXASMC for DGAQ247 or DGAQ249, or both.

  6. Modify the CICS startup JCL/JOB for the CICS that uses the CSD where the RDO source was installed based on the information in $CD.SDGASAMP(DGAXCJCL).
  7. Bring up CICS and verify the install by performing the procedure in Starting the Connect:Direct for z/OS CICS Interface.