Connect:Direct File Agent Logging Capabilities

Connect:Direct® File Agent logging capabilities vary by platform. Running Connect:Direct File Agent from a command line using the verbose argument turns on Connect:Direct File Agent logging when it is available. When you run Connect:Direct File Agent as Microsoft Windows service, no information is logged unless an error occurs.

Connect:Direct File Agent provides the following levels of status information when logging is available on a platform:

  • System log—Shows all system activity. This log is created only when you specify verbose mode or if an error occurs. If you are running verbose mode from the command line, this log information is shown in the command line window. If you are not running in verbose mode, the system log appears in the snaps directory (located in the Connect:Direct File Agent installation directory), which is created when the first event occurs.
  • First Failing Status (FFS) log—One or more logs created when an error occurs. The snaps directory is created as needed and contains the FFS logs for any errors encountered by Connect:Direct File Agent.

Using trace commands provided for your platform can also help capture details related to Connect:Direct File Agent operation.