Managing Tasks

IBM® Connect:Direct® tasks perform and manage work in a DTF. This section describes how to display task information and remove (flush) tasks.

The following table lists the IBM Connect:Direct tasks and their functions:

Type Task Function
System Master (M) Controls the dispatching and logon processing for the DTF
  Timer (T) Performs timer services for the master task and Process-related timer functions
  Operator interface (C) Enables you to communicate to the DTF through the operator console
  Extended Submit Facility Scan (W) Scans the TCQ at predefined intervals and moves submitted Processes that are not on the current processing queue (PCQ) to the PCQ
System Open/Close Task (O) Manages the VTAM ACB open/close and TPEND exit
  TCP Task (U) Monitors incoming TCP/IP session requests
  XCF Communication (Q) Manages communications between Manager and Servers in a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex
  TCP API Task (D) Monitors incoming TCP/IP IBM Connect:Direct API session requests
  LOGON (L) Reserved for use during logon processing
  Statistics (A) Controls status logging
  Session Creation TCA (F) Manages Processes and tasks
  Statistics Archive Submit Task (Z) Submits the Statistics File Archive Process
  CTCA Server Task (Y) Manages the CTCA tasks
  IBM Connect:Direct/Plex Queue Manager Task (Q) Manages the VTAM ACB open/close and TPEND exit
User PNODE Task (P) Manages the work related to a request that initiated the current session
  SNODE Task (S) Manages the work related to a partner PNODE task
  IUI Task (I) Manages the requests from a session with an IUI user
  Background (Batch) Task (B) Manages the request from a batch user