Modularized Omni-Configurator

The lightweight Omni-Configurator can cater the configuration needs for all channels across various devices. Omni-Configurator is an independent, deployable module that exposes JSON/XML-based REST APIs for all the configuration services. This module can be deployed, managed, and scaled independently. It supports Omni capabilities to enable single instance and single model to cater to multiple channels and devices simultaneously.

With the introduction of Omni models, modelers can now create a single model and use it across multiple channels to provide different view presentation. The new Configurator UI is modeled as an AngularJS based reusable widget, which provides a pluggable and switchable UI styling. This gives more control to the consuming application to decide on how the view needs to be presented. The same UI can be switched to use different UI styling for different channels. The Configurator UI is a multi-device enabled, responsive and accessible UI.

  • Omni-Configurator provides a consistent and simple integration with out-of-the-box channel applications such as WebSphere® Commerce, Sterling Order Management and Sterling Field Sales and other external channel applications such as SFDC, CLM, and PLM.
  • Configurator UI provides lot of customization options such as templates, themes, UI controls (widgets), cache, Object Map, function handlers, and so forth, which are easily deploy-able.

  • Pluggable catalog or pricing or user management endpoint adapters which can directly talk to third party systems such as WebSphere Commerce, SAP, and MDM.

  • Single model to support multiple layouts (one view for Sterling Field Sales and different view for WebSphere Commerce and different for mobile).

  • Multi-device enabled and completely responsive UI based on IBM® Peretz style guide.

  • Reusable Configurator UI widget can easily integrate with other internal or external widgets with switchable theming and styling.