Create a storefront

The storefront that you create using the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler is only for administration purposes.

About this task

Ensure that the correct product information is used for defining the models in the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler by creating a storefront with the same Skin ID as the Organization Code of the catalog organization.

To create a storefront:


  1. Login to the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler tool using login credentials of matrix (modeled as Hub) organization.
  2. Click the System Administration tab on the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler home page.
  3. Click the View Your Organization Profile tab.
  4. In the Search for Profiles panel, click the Search link. The Profile List page is displayed.
  5. Click the Create Storefront button. The Organization Detail: New Profile page is displayed.
  6. Enter basic information for the storefront administrator partner as you would do for any other partner. * denotes required fields.
  7. Enter a skin URL for the new storefront. This should be a simple string and must be unique within the Visual Modeler. For example, you can use "anderel" or "storefront". This string will be used in URLs used to access the storefront. For example:
  8. Click Save.
  9. In the Detail tab, in the External Partner ID field, enter the Organization Code of the organization.
  10. Click Save.

    You must create at least one user to act as the first storefront administrator for the new storefront. Notify the organization for whom you have created the storefront and provide them with their new storefront URL and their storefront administrator userid.