Overview of customizing Omni-Configurator

The Omni-Configurator can be customized based on your business requirements. You can customize both backend and UI components of Omni-Configurator.

You can make changes in the way information is displayed in the Configurator UI, which is an AngularJS based widget. For example, you can change the Configurator UI look-and-feel, create new widgets, override existing configurator templates, add widgets to existing, and so forth. The Omni-Configurator uses the AngularJS framework for Configurator UI widget construction and request management between different widgets. Omni-Configurator customizations can be performed by selectively overriding templates and widgets.

Customizing Omni-Configurator Backend Components

The following Omni-Configurator backend components can be customized:
  • Function Handlers - You can add new function handler classes.
  • ObjectMap extensions - You can extend object maps.
  • Cachetype extensions - You can configure caching options for pricing, price list rules, models and so forth.
  • EhCache extensions - You can configure EhCache communications options.

Customizing Configurator UI Components

The following Configurator UI components can be customized:
  • Widgets - You can add new widgets and override existing widgets.
  • Template — Overriding the existing configurator templates.

    Out-of-the-box Omni-Configurator supports only accordion template. You can override this template as per your business requirements. Additionally for backward compatibility, you can also convert your old normal template to tabbed template.

  • Themes — Bootstrap CSS and image files pertaining to the Configurator UI's look and feel are organized in a directory hierarchy. By default, each storefront is assigned a theme. The CSS files pertaining to a theme are used in construction of pages. You can create custom bootstrap styling for Configurator UI widgets.

    The default bootstrap CSS file, configurator.bootstrap.less, is present in the Configurator_UI\web\styles directory.