What is IBM Sterling Configurator?

The IBM® Sterling Configurator is an application that is used to display various configurations available for items, based on how the model items have been created. This enables customers to select and purchase the configurations that best meet their needs.

For example, suppose that the product catalog contains the item, "Bicycle". The item represents a model created using a modeler such as the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler. The item has four frame types, three wheel types, and five paint colors. At the time of purchase, the customer can select one of the four frame types, one of the three wheel types, and the color they want for their bicycle.

During installation and deployment, the Sterling Configurator Enterprise ARchieve (EAR) package must be built. Once the EAR package is built, then the Sterling Configurator can be sent to the test environment. In the test environment, adjustments can be made, such as localizations and customizations. Once the configurations and customizations are created to suit your needs, then deploying to the production environment to see the end results.

You can deploy Sterling Configurator in the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite, or with IBM WebSphere® Commerce, or other third party applications.