About setting up runtime utilities on TIBCO

This topic lists the supported jars that are required for TIBCO JMS.

Important: Sterling Order Management System Software does not support TIBCO JMS. This information serves only as a reference material. It is recommended that you transition to a supported stack. For more information about the supported stacks, see Integrating with JMS systems.

Here is the list of supported jars that are required for TIBCO JMS.

  • Use the <INSTALL_DIR>/bin/install3rdparty.sh(cmd) script to install the jms.jar and tibjms.jar files and include them in the AGENTDynamicclasspath.cfg dynamic classpath file.
  • Some agents will require servlet classes. For these agents, use the install3rdParty script to install the <INSTALL_DIR>/jar/geronimo/2_2/geronimo-servlet_2.5_spec-1.2.jar into the AGENTDynamicclasspath.cfg file.
Note: The classpath that is provided is intended as a starting point for your implementation. Depending upon the JMS, JNDI, and JDK that you are using may need to be added or removed jars from the list.