Send external demand updates action

The Send External Demand Updates action is invoked by the EXTERNAL_DEMAND_CHANGE event on the Order server. This action invokes the SendExternalDemandUpdates service, which sends output messages to a generic JMS queue. The following steps describe how to locate this action in the Applications Manager.


  1. From the Applications menu of the Applications Manager, click Application Platform.
  2. From the tree in the application rules side panel, double-click Process Modeling.
  3. Click the General tab. In the Process Types swimlane, right-click the General process type, and click Model Process. The Repository Details window and work area display for the General process type.
  4. Click the Actions tab.
  5. Expand the Promising Server Integration branch.
  6. Right-click Send External Demand Updates, and click details. The Action Detail window displays in the work area.