Linking service definition nodes

Before linking nodes together, lay them out on the work area so that the logic flows from left to right and from top to bottom. Place your nodes so that the link coming from a source node are on the bottom or right side, and comes into the top or left side of the target node.

About this task

See the following example.

Service Example Flow Window

To link nodes together:


  1. Open the Applications Manager and select the application that you want.
  2. On the first node, click the small black diamond to its right.
  3. Drag a link to the next node.


It doesn't matter what order you use for linking nodes, but it makes more sense to create the links in the order in which the logic flows.

Note: If you delete a transport link, you also delete any properties you have defined. You can avoid this by linking your nodes together before defining the properties.

If you try to link nodes together that cannot be linked, the status bar informs you that this task that cannot be completed.