Defining a value added service's primary information

You can define a value added service's primary information.

About this task

To define a value added service's primary information:


  1. In the Value Added Service's Detail window, select the Primary Info tab.
  2. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to the following table for field value descriptions.
    Table 1. Primary info tab
    Field Description
    Short Description Enter a description which summarizes this Value Added Service
    Description Enter a more detailed description of the Value Added Service.
    Status The status for this value added service record. Select Held (Unpublished) to defer making this value added service available for use. Otherwise, select Published to make this value added service available in the system.
    Create Work Order While Scheduling An Order Requiring this Service Used only for compliance services.

    Select this field to automatically generate a work order as necessary during scheduling an order. This is typically used when the scheduling needs to consider setting aside items to supply the order, or when there is a need for allocating time to perform the compliance service.

    When scheduling processing is performed, the processing may detect the need create more items to meet the needs of an order.

    This field lets you control whether a work order should be generated, based on your procedures.

    For example, you may have a compliance service that consists of adding a warranty card to each telephone shipped. Because of the way that the telephones are packed, this can be done as part of the packing process, and no separate work order is required. There is also no need to separately reserve the telephones for this particular order, as they do not to have any other special handling, and could be used to supply other order demands. In such a situation, you would not select this field.

    In a different scenario, the buyer's corporate label is applied to the telephones. In order to schedule the order, a work order is generated to track the process, and inventory may be allocated to create the customized telephones. These customized telephones could not be used to supply another buyer's order. In this case, you would select this field, to automatically generate the work order and to allocate stock to fulfil the compliance service task.

    Run Quantity Used only for kitting services.

    The number of items to be made when a compliance service is run. By grouping the production of an item that has compliance services applied to it, inventory can be created in anticipation of the buyer's need.

    The run quantity is a number that indicates how many items to batch together: the actual request for product and available inventory determine how many items should have the compliance service applied.

    For example, if the run quantity is 10, the buyer requests 8 of the item, and there's only 1 on hand, 10 items have the compliance services applied. The result is the buyer receives 8 items, 1 from current inventory, 7 that are newly created, and there are 3 newly created items now available in inventory.

    If the buyer requires more than the run quantity produces, the run quantity is used to create several runs. For example, if the buyer were to request 22 items, and only 1 item is in stock, doing a run of 10 would not satisfy the request. Doing two runs of 10 each would still not satisfy the request, but doing 3 runs would satisfy the request. Therefore, a single run of 30 is done.

    The run quantity should be set based on the anticipated buyer requirements. For example, for bulky items such as refrigerators or washing machines, the number might be low. For items that the buyer purchases in large quantities, such as T-shirts embroidered with a sports team logo, the number might be higher.

    Extended Description Enter a more detailed description. This can be localized by choosing the Localize button.