Setting up product display options

You can choose to display or hide product images across the Sterling Store Engagement user interface. You can also select a theme that you want to apply to the application.


  1. Navigate to the Web Store Display Options screen. To navigate to the Web Store Display Options screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to IBM® Sterling Business Center as an Enterprise Administrator. The Business Center home page opens.
    2. Click System Setup. The System Setup home page opens.
    3. Expand the Store Administration menu.
    4. Click Web Store Display Options.
  2. In the UI Theme Display portlet, from the Theme to be applied on Web Store UI drop-down menu, select the theme you want to be displayed to the store associate in the user interface.
  3. In the Product Display Options portlet, select Show Product Image in Web Store User Interface to show the image of the product with the product description in the user interface.
  4. In the "Maximum number of associations to show in UI" field, enter a value to indicate the limit for the number of related items to display for a product.
  5. Click Save.
    Note: To configure an image URL with indirect URLs, you must use the ycd.ui.imageId.encoding.reqd property to enable or disable URL encoding. The default value of the property is set to Y that is URL encoding is enabled by default.

    For example, an image URL that contains an indirect URL like "ImageDeliver?param1=123&param2=234" is encoded by default in Sterling Store Engagement. If you want to disable the encoding, you must set the property to N.