Application consoles related entity

The Application Consoles Related Entity Resource Details dialog box enables you to specify which entities appear as options on the drop-down menu of an entity on a search view.

Table 1. Console related entity resource dialog box.

Console related entity resource field value descriptions

Control Description
Related Entity The Resource ID of the related entity. Related Entities show up in search screens as other entities by which you can search. For example, when you choose Order from Menu, a search screen displays. In the drop-down menu on the top left corner of the search screen, you can see Order Lines and Order Releases. These are configured as related entities of Order entity.

After you choose Order Line, your current entity becomes Order Line. Now, the drop-down menu shows Order and Order Releases as related entities, because they are explicitly defined as related entities for the entity Order Line.

Permissions cannot be maintained for Related Entity resources. This means that all users are able to see the Related Entities in the entity drop-down of a search view.