Application consoles list view

The Application Consoles List View Resource Details dialog box enables you to customize a list view.

Table 1. List view resource dialog box.

List view resource field value descriptions

Control Description
Java Server Page The JSP file name with full path relative to the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/global/webpages directory. Your custom resources typically point to a file within the /extensions directory. For example, if you are changing the alert list verbose view, specify the /extensions/global/webpages/em/alerts/list/alerts_list_verbose.jsp file.

As you populate the /extensions directory with custom JSP files, mimic the structure of the directory containing the standard JSP files.

Output Name Space N/A
Height N/A
Width N/A
Ignore Default API checkbox When this option is set, any list API that might be configured for the current entity is not invoked when the current list view displays.
Note: Also, when this option is set, you must handle the search panel collapse functionality as well as the total number of records displayed on the UI in your custom JSP. For example, you can handle the logic for fetching the number of records returned by an external API call in your custom JSP by writing the following lines of code:

   int numberOfRecords = /* logic to find out the 
number of records returned by an external API 
   if (numberOfRecords > 0){
   <script type="text/javascript">
Supports Direct List to Detail Navigations When One Record Returned When this is set and the related search results in one record, the list screen is bypassed and the details display.
View Group ID Within a specific list view of an entity, you can switch to any other detail view having the same View Group ID as the current list view.
Input N/A
Template When the default List API is invoked for a view, this is the output template that is passed to the API.