Application consoles inner panel

The Application Consoles Inner Panel Resource Type dialog box enables you to customize inner panels. Inner panels are the UI components that make up detail views.

Table 1. Inner panel resource dialog box.

Inner panel resource field value descriptions

Control Description
Java Server Page The JSP file name with full path relative to the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/global/webpages directory. Your custom resources typically point to a file within the /extensions directory. For example, if you are changing the person info inner panel, specify the /extensions/global/webpages/pm/personinfo/detail/personinfo_detail_anchor.jsp file.

As you populate the /extensions directory with custom JSP files, mimic the structure of the directory containing the standard JSPs.

Override Entity ID For future use.
Entity Key Name For future use.
Template When the default Detail API is invoked for a view, all the templates specified for each inner panel for the view are merged to form the output template that is passed to the API.
Note: Inner panels can be marked as read-only; see Setting inner panels as read-only for more information.