Differences in the Business Center user interface between release 9.5 and release 10.0

You can review the changes and new functionality introduced in Business Center, Release 10.0.

Addition of new links, fields, and screens on the Inventory home page

Addition of new links
  • A new link called Manage Segments is added under the Allocation Segment Types panel on the Inventory Organization home page. It enables you to manage a inventory segment type that involves, creating a custom segment type to consume unsegmented inventory, modifying details of a segment type, and deleting a segment type.
Addition of new fields
  • A new check box called Use Enhanced Segment Based Allocation is added in the Inventory Segment Rule screen to define that a segment type can consume from unsegmented inventory.
Addition of new screens - The Allocation Segment Types screen has been linked to the Manage Segments task that enables you to create a segment type, modify the details of a segment type and delete a segment type.
  • Create a segment type
  • Modify the details of a segment type
  • Delete a segment type