Approve a change project

You can approve a Change Project only if you are designated as an approver for the Change Project.

About this task

When you log in to the application as an approver, a list of Change Projects assigned to you for approval is displayed in the Change projects Awaiting My approval dashlet in the Sterling Business Center home page. You can only view and approve Change Projects, which are complete, and their status is "Awaiting approval".

Note: The Change Project details cannot be modified when it is in "Awaiting Approval" status.

To approve Change Projects:


  1. Log in to Business Center as an Approver.
  2. The application home page is displayed. The Change Projects Awaiting My Approval dashlet displays all the Change Projects that are complete and are assigned to you for approval.
  3. Click the Change Project you want to approve from the Change Projects Awaiting My Approval dashlet.
  4. The Change Project Details screen is displayed. If the context organization is different, the system prompts for confirmation before changing the context organization.
  5. Click Approve to approve the Change Project.
  6. To publish the changes to the production environment soon after approval, select the check box, Publish immediately when the changes are approved. If the check box is not selected, the changes will be published based on the time set in the Applications Manager.
  7. To reject the changes to the Change Project, click Reject. However, changes made to the Change Project are not deleted. They can be modified later, if necessary.
  8. If the associated project is not yet approved and the Change Requests are complete, you can reopen the Change Project. Click Reopen to open the Change Project and make changes. The Reopen button is enabled only when the Change Project is rejected.


After approval, status of the Change Project is set to "Approved" and is ready for publishing on the production environment.