Rule definition interfaces

Each rule type has a corresponding interface associated with it. Classes specified for each rule definition implement the related interface.

The following sets of interfaces are provided:
  • Application interfaces
  • Custom interfaces
You can use either of these interfaces as applicable for implementing the password policy.

Application interfaces

The following rule definition application interfaces (corresponding to each rule type) are provided by the application:
  • IPasswordPolicyForAssignment—This interface must be invoked when a policy is first assigned to the user.
  • IPasswordPolicyForPasswordChange—This interface must be invoked when a password is changed.
  • IPasswordPolicyForLogin—This interface must be invoked during login to check for login attempts.
  • IPasswordPolicyForSecretAnswers—This interface must be invoked before login for validating answers to secret questions.
  • IPasswordPolicyForReset—This interface must be invoked when there is a password reset request.
For more information about these interfaces, see Javadoc.

Custom interfaces

For every rule definition application interface, a corresponding custom interface is also provided. You can use your own class for implementing these interfaces.

An API template, getUserForPasswordPolicy.xmlcontrols the input.xml for all implementations:
  • IPasswordPolicyDOM
  • IPasswordPolicyForPasswordChangeDOM
  • IPasswordPolicyForLoginDOM
  • IPasswordPolicyForSecretAnswersDOM
  • IPasswordPolicyForResetDOM