Rule configuration

A rule configuration consists of rule definition, parameter definition, and parameter configuration.

Rule definition

Each rule definition is identified by a unique indicative name. For example, PWD_RULE_DEFN.

A rule definition must include a class name for implementation. For example, com.yantra.ycp.passwordpolicy.defaultimpl.passwordchange.YCPPasswordHistValidator

Parameter definition

Each rule can have any number of parameters. Every parameter must have a description and specify a data type. You can configure these parameters with an expected value, and thus, form a password policy. Some parameters are provided for the password rules that are shipped out-of-the-box. For example,
  • For the PWD_LENGTH rule, the MinLength and MaxLength properties determine the maximum and minimum length of a given password.
  • For the FAILED_LOGIN_CHECK rule, the MaxFailedLogins property determines the maximum failed login attempts after which the user gets locked out.

Parameter configuration

You must configure these parameters with actual values for the password policy. For example, MinLength=8.

You can configure any number of rules using the Applications Manager.