Setting routing preferences

You can set routing preferences in the Applications Manager.

About this task

To set the over all routing preferences of the buyer:


  1. Open the Applications Manager and select the application that you want.
  2. From the Roles & Participation Tab in the Organization Details window, choose the Inbound Compliance Tab.
  3. Select the Routing Tab.
  4. Set the Routing Guide value, as described in Table 1.
    Table 1. Routing guide preferences
    Fields Description
    Region Schema For Routing Select the applicable region schema for routing.

    Select the Details icon. The Region Schema Details window displays. For more information about modifying the region schema details, see Defining region schemas.

    Routing Guide
    Not Maintained Select this to use manual routing. Shipments are managed in the shipment console, and any routing guides are not consulted.
    Maintained in Sterling Order Management System Software Select this to use the Routing Guides maintained in Sterling Order Management System Software to determine how shipments should be routed.

    In addition to the routing guide maintained here by the enterprise, there may be a routing guide for the buyer organization.

    Maintained Externally Select this to indicate that an external routing system is used. The routing guides maintained in Sterling Order Management System Software are not consulted.

    Examples of external routing systems include using an integrated Transportation Management System (TMS), or implementing a User Exit which consults with the buyer organization.