Example of webservicesbeans.xml file - WebLogic

The following is an example of a webservicebeans.xml file:

   <Bean BeanName="TheBeans"
BeanPackage="com.sterlingcommerce.jaxws.the.webservices" >
      <Api Name="login" ExposedName="theLogin" />
      <Api Name="getLocaleList" ExposedName="theGetLocaleList" />
   <Bean BeanName="OtherBeans"
BeanPackage="com.sterlingcommerce.jaxws.other.webservices" >
         <Api Name="getLocaleList" ExposedName="otherGetLocaleList" />
      <Service AnnotateClassNames="true" Name="testWS" ExposedName="testWS" />
      <Service Name="testWS2" ExposedName="testWS2" />
Note: If you are using a non-ASCII character set, the first letter of the bean names must be uppercase and the first character of the exposed name for the API must be lowercase.