Delete an approval rule

As an enterprise user, you can delete an approval rule. The Delete button is enabled only if the status of an approval rule is Inactive.

About this task

To delete an approval rule:


  1. Navigate to the Approval Rule Summary screen. To navigate to the Approval Rule Summary screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to Sterling Business Center as Pricing Administrator.
    2. The application home page is displayed. Click the Pricing tab.
    3. From the Pricing home page, click Find Approval Rule in the Quotes dashlet.
    4. The Approval Rule Search screen is displayed. Enter the search criteria and click Search to perform a basic search. Alternatively, click Advanced Search, enter the search criteria, and click Search to perform an advanced search.
    5. The approval rules matching the search criteria are displayed. Click the Rule ID hyperlink or double-click the row corresponding to the approval rule. The Approval Rule Summary screen is displayed.
      Note: If only one approval rule matches the search criteria, the details of the corresponding approval rule are automatically displayed.
  2. Click Delete.

    The approval rule is deleted and the home page is displayed.