Copy an extended entity attribute from an existing extended entity attribute

As an administrator, you can create an extended entity attribute by copying from an existing entity attribute. This prevents duplication of the effort involved in creating similar entity attributes.

About this task

For example, you can copy a line entity attribute from the Sales Order object, when you want to create a line entity attribute to Purchase Order object that is similar to the entity attribute in the Sales Order object.


  1. Navigate to the Object Extensibility screen. To navigate to the Object Extensibility screen, perform the following steps:
    1. Log in to Sterling Business Center as an administrator.
    2. From the System Setup Home page, expand the Customizations menu, and then click Object Extensibility.
    The Object Extensibility screen is displayed.
  2. From the Extensible Objects tree, select the extensible object to which you want to copy an existing entity attribute.
  3. Click the Add button in the Extended Attributes panel. The Customize Attribute dialog box is displayed.
  4. Click the Copy From An Existing Attribute radio button. The Extensible Objects tree is displayed.
  5. Navigate to the child node of the extensible object, from which you want to copy the entity attribute.
  6. Select the check box next to the entity attribute you want to copy.
  7. In the New Attribute ID box, enter an unique entity attribute ID for the newly created entity attribute.
  8. Select the This attribute will be used as search criteria check box to allow this entity attribute to be searched.
  9. Click Save.