Defining nomenclature definitions

Nomenclature Definition allows for entities requiring transformation to be created. These entities are identified for each System and Participant (Enterprise, Buyer, Seller, Carrier). Entities definitions are created for a combination of one or more attribute codes. The attribute codes that make an entity are common across all participating systems and participants.

About this task

To create a nomenclature definition:


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Nomenclature > Nomenclature Definition. The Nomenclature Definition Search window displays in the work area.
  2. Choose the Create New icon. The Nomenclature definition details pop-up window displays. Enter information, using the following table.
  3. Choose the Save icon.
    Table 1. Nomenclature definition menu
    Property Description
    System Name Enter a unique System Name for each system you are defining this entity for. This is a required parameter. The System Name STERLING is reserved.
    Organization Code Select a participant for Organization Code. Select the DEFAULT organization from the drop down list if the definition applies across participants. This is a required parameter.

    The Organization code uniquely identifies the Trading partner or the external system.

    Code Description Enter a unique description for the entity being created.
    View Values Defaults to view values. Check this if you do not want to see a list of valid values for a System and Participant. Valid values for the entity are not displayed when mapping if this is not checked.
    Code Name 1-4 Select up to four attribute codes that can be grouped together to define the entity. A minimum of one attribute must be selected. Additional attributes may be added to the list through Nomenclature Code Maintenance. The list is displayed from the YFS_COMMON_CODE table for CODE_TYPE='XREF_CODE'.
    Code Value API Check on the code value API box and enter a class name, which retrieves the list of values for the code.
    Class Name Enter the class name used to get values from the external system.

    The system has predefined classes for certain attribute codes, which retrieve data for the System Name STERLING (the Sterling Order Management System Software-defined code values).

    Using a class to get a list of valid value for an attribute code is not mandatory. The code values can be created and mapped directly when mapping entities.