Testing the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler implementation: performing pre-startup checks

About this task

You must perform some basic steps to ensure that the system starts correctly. In general, you should troubleshoot your installation using the SDK to ensure that any modifications you make are contained in your project directory.

To ensure that the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler starts correctly, perform the following steps:


  1. Review the prefs.xml configuration file. Check that it is in the correct location as this is the most frequent cause of problems on startup. Remember:
    1. By default, the location of this file is assumed to be user_home/cmgt/debs/conf/ where user_home is the home directory for the operating system user running the servlet container.
    2. This location can be overridden by:
      • Either: specifying the location of the file as a system property:
      • Or: specifying its location using the comergent.preference.store parameter in the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler web.xml configuration file:
  2. Review the Comergent.xml configuration file. Check that:
    • It contains the value of system properties that you expect to see (or that are overridden by the prefs.xml configuration file).
  3. Using the SDK, run the generateDTD target.
    • If you get a series of lines of the form: "Writing DTD for ACL...done!", then the DTDs have been successfully generated. Look in the debs_home/Sterling/WEB-INF/bizobjs/ directory to verify that a complete set of DTDs are there.
    • If you get an error message, then review the steps outlined above.
  4. Using the SDK, run the generateBean target. This should generate all the beans specified by the data objects. If you see any error messages, then you should fix their cause before proceeding.
  5. Using the SDK, run the merge target. If this runs successfully, then run the dist target to generate the Web application WAR file.