Sharing directories

In some deployments of the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler, for example a clustered deployment, you must specify the location of directories to be used for uploaded and generated files. The locations of these directories is specified using the web.xml file to set context parameters.

You have these sets of attributes for the directories to specify:

  • share-noshare: share directories can be accessed by two or more machines, noshare directories should be accessed only by the machine whose web.xml file specifies the location.
  • public-private: public directories must be accessible by the Web server serving the static content, private directories should not be.
  • loadable-noloadable: loadable directories can be used to upload files, noloadable directories should not be used for uploaded files.

The same directory can be used for more than one of these combinations of choices.

At minimum, you must specify the location of the share.public.loadable and share.public.noloadable directories. If you have two or more machines in a cluster, then these directories must be accessible from all of the cluster machines.

The web.xml file lets you specify how a front-end Web server can access files in the public directories. Use the WebPathToPublicLoadableWritableDirectory element to map a Web server virtual path to the directory identified by the share.public.loadable element. Use the WebPathToPublicNoLoadableWritableDirectory element to map a Web server virtual path to the directory identified by the share.public.noloadable element. These elements should reflect the Web server settings used to specify virtual paths.