Modifying the URL for the web application DTD

When you start the servlet container, the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler is loaded as a Web application. The web.xml file configuration file is read to determine the basic configuration of the application. The web.xml file is validated against a DTD specified by its web-app element.

By default, the validating DTD is at the URL:

However, access to this URL can be limited either by your network status or by Sun Microsystems. As an implementation step, we recommend that you modify the validating URL to point to a copy of the DTD whose location is assured by your implementation.

Our suggested solution is to use a relative URL to reference the DTD within the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler context. For example:

Note: The form of this relative URL is servlet container-specific.

Alternatively, you can add the DTD to a Web server and point to this location. For example, if you are using a Web server to act as a front-end to the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler, then put the DTD on this Web server.