Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler database server requirements

This section lists the general set-up requirements for Oracle database.

The Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler requires one of the following database servers to act as the Knowledgebase database:

  • Oracle
  • Db2®
    Note: We recommend that you run the database server on a separate machine from the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler.

You must ensure that there is a valid userid (username/password pair) set up on the database that acts as the authenticated userid for all Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler connections to the database. This userid must have the necessary privileges to create, modify, and execute database objects. Make sure that the database default character set is set to UTF-8 Unicode.

Make sure that you have the appropriate client tools installed on the Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler machine(s). In particular, make sure that you have or can obtain the appropriate JDBC library files from Oracle if you plan to deploy against Oracle.