CDT command-line arguments in GUI mode

You can review the CDT command line arguments that are run.

When you run the Configuration Deployment Tool, you can optionally use any of the command parameters shown in Table 1:

Table 1. Java™ ydk command-line arguments
Arguments Description
IgnoreMissingTables Specifies that when you compare source and target databases, you want to ignore tables that might be missing in the target schema. When comparing databases in a sharded deployment, ensure that you specify the IgnoreMissingTables parameter.

For example, when comparing a Test Configuration schema with a Production Configuration schema, some Master tables, such as YFS_CUSTOMER and YFS_USER, do not exist in either the source or target schema. In this case, the CDT throws "table not found" errors. However, you can enable the CDT to ignore missing tables by passing -IgnoreMissingTables as Y.


Windows: ydk.cmd -IgnoreMissingTables Y

Linux/UNIX: -IgnoreMissingTables Y

ConfigDbDir Indicates the directory that contains config-db.xml and other related files. By default, the ConfigDbDir argument looks for the config-db.xml file in the <INSTALL_DIR>/database/cdt directory.


Windows: ydk.cmd -ConfigDbDir <directory_path>

Linux/UNIX: -ConfigDbDir <directory_path>