Post-migration Sterling Order Management System Software upgrade configuration tasks

To complete the post-migration tasks, you must first configure the Sterling Order Management System Software upgrade.

About this task

Perform the following Sterling Order Management System Software upgrade configuration tasks:


  1. Ensure that all the theme reconciliations for Release 9.5 (and earlier) have been applied to the installation, and exist appropriately in the <INSTALL_DIR>/extensions/global/template/resource directory. This ensures that all the customized theme XML files have been upgraded to maintain the existing functionalities and to enable new features.
  2. If you have customized the Java™ forms for the Applications Manager, rebuild your <INSTALL_DIR>/repository/eardata/smcfs/war/yfscommon/yfsextn.jar file.
  3. Unused columns are not dropped during migration. Run drops.sql to drop unused columns, if required.
  4. Restart your Sterling Order Management System Software system and log in as the administrator.
  5. If you have defined custom user groups, using the Sterling Order Management System Software Applications Manager, grant permissions to these custom user groups to access new screens, if any.
  6. The following activity codes, which were a part of the Demo Warehouse, have been removed from the factory setup. If these activity codes have been used in your configuration, re-create them using the Applications Manager:
    • KIT-CHT
    • KIT-CPG
    • RE-PACK
  7. Close existing count programs and reconfigure new count programs.
    Note: The logic for count request generation through the count program is enhanced in later versions. Also, the count program has been enhanced to generate count requests at the location level. Re-configuring the count programs enable the count programs to be executed according to the enhanced configuration and logic.