Planning for your pricing service

Consider setting migration and cache properties for pricing.

Migration property

If you are upgrading Sterling Order Management System Software and have existing price lists that do not have a seller assignment, an optional upgrade step creates seller assignments for existing price lists. The yfs.pricing.upgrade.complete property indicates whether the pricing upgrade has been completed and, therefore, whether all seller assignments have been created. After seller assignments are created, you can change the value of a property so that the system looks only for those price lists that have defined, at a minimum, a seller assignment.

Cache properties

Configure the following properties to ensure that all of your active price lists and pricing rules are loaded into cache:

  • yfs.pricelistheader.cache.maxsize.toload - Specify the number of price lists to be loaded into cache, according to your requirements.
  • yfs.promotionrules.cache.maxsize.toload - Specify the number of pricing rules to be loaded into cache, according to your requirements.