Installation and deployment process

For Sterling Configure, Price, Quote, installation and deployment is a process of installing software, setting configurations or creating customizations, building the EAR file, and deploying to the desired environment: development, staging, or production.

The following diagram is a high-level illustration of the installation and deployment process that includes decision points where you can alter the sequence to suit your needs.

  • Plan: Sterling Configure, Price, Quote is a suite of applications and solutions. Planning the installation involves considering system requirements, your final deployment and security architecture, your performance needs, and any requirements for high availability.
  • Obtain software and install prerequisites: You download Sterling Configure, Price, Quote software from IBM Passport Advantage (or load it from your media package).

    Sterling Configure, Price, Quote requires a tiered environment, using a combination of application server, Web server, and database server software. The tiered structure is a required setup for the development, staging, and production environments. After the environment is set up, you install the software into an installation folder.

  • Install Sterling Configure, Price, Quote: Installing the base software () is a required first step. Afterwards, install and configure other components as provided by your license agreement.
  • Load default factory setups, language packs, and localized factory setups: When you install the base software, you decide whether to create database tables and whether to load factory setups (default configuration data). If you are running a new installation, choosing these options is the suggested procedure. Alternatively, the DBA at your organization can create database tables and load factory setups manually, as long as this process is completed before proceeding to later steps.
  • Load language packs and localized factory setups: If you are deploying your application in English, skip this step. If you are deploying your application in other languages, you must install the language pack you want and then load the factory setups that have been localized for that language.
  • Install the Reference Implementation:

    For the Sterling Field Sales application, the Reference Implementation is a sample instance of the Sterling Field Sales application. If you did not choose to install it when you installed the base software, you can install it after the factory setups, language packs, and localized factory setups are installed.

  • Create or rebuild the resource.jar: For Sterling Configure, Price, Quote, you must rebuild the resource.jar for Sterling Field Sales before building and deploying the EAR file on the server.
  • Build and deploy the EAR file: When all of the above steps are complete, you build and deploy the EAR file on the server for the desired environment. This process deploys Sterling Configure, Price, Quote on the server in either your development, staging, or production environment.
  • Build client applications: For Sterling Configure, Price, Quote, you build and deploy the Sterling Field Sales client application as the final deployment step.