Installing the Helm client

You can install the Helm client before deploying the Sterling Configure, Price, Quote application. For the General Availability release, this version is not applicable. For more information about the Helm client version, see Release artifacts for certified containers.


  1. Install Helm from on Linux client by running the following command:
    curl -s<helm version>-linux-386.tar.gz | tar xz

    For Helm client version, see the Readme file.

  2. Locate the Helm executable in your machine and add that path in the Environment Variable $PATH.

    Also, update the PATH variable in your Linux login profile script.

  3. Run the oc login to cluster command to log in to the OpenShift cluster.
  4. Run the helm version command to verify the version of the installed Helm client and to view additional information about the Helm client.

    You can also install the Helm client from the Command Line Tools menu that is available in the OpenShift Web Console 4.4 or later. For more information, see the OpenShift documentation.