Setting up permissions for APIs

Sterling Order Management System Software enables you to set up permissions for access to APIs for the authorization check. You must define access to API resources to control what can be accessed by users when calling an API.

About this task

To set up security permissions for APIs using the Applications Manager:


  1. From the tree in the application rules side panel, choose Security > Groups. The Groups window displays in the work area.
  2. Select a Group or create new Group. Click Permission next to the API Security. The API Permissions pop-up window displays.

    You can double click on APIs or Services branch. All of the APIs and Services for the Sterling Order Management System Software open in tree form.

  3. Right-click the individual API or Service to grant permissions.
  4. At the upper right of the API Permissions screen, click the Grant Permission icon or the Revoke Permission icon to grant or revoke permission to the user for that API or Service. By default, permission is revoked for all APIs or Services. Click the List Users icon to list all of the users who have been granted permission for an API or Service.
  5. When you are finished granting and revoking permissions, save the permission record by clicking the Save icon.