Return CLY1 to the production environment

You can return an upgraded version of CLY1 to the original sharded deployment.

About this task

In this example, return an upgraded version of CLY1 to the original sharded deployment by performing the following tasks, as shown in Figure 1:


  1. In sharded mode, install a new Release 10.0 run time (Production_V2). When installing Production_V2, database information for the METADATA shard is shared between Production_V1 and Production_V2. The METADATA shard contains database information about CLY2 and CLY3, and their shards.
    Note: The DEFAULT colony is included with all new sharded installations.
  2. Use the CDT to move configuration data for CLY1 and DEFAULT from Upgrade_V2 to Production_V2. The database pointers for CLY1's shards are redirected from Upgrade_V2 to Production_V2, as shown in Figure 1. The shards include CLY1's TRANSACTION/MASTER shard. However, CLY1's METADATA shard points at the Production_V1 shard.


Production_V2 is the new version upgrade environment. Production_V2 is a sharded deployment with CLY1 running on Release 10.0. CLY2 and CLY3 are running on Release 9.5. All the customizations and postmigration activities are performed on the new upgrade environment, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Return CLY1 to original sharded environment