Create an upgrade environment: Upgrade_V1

When upgrading one or more colonies using the colony-by-colony upgrade strategy, you must first create an upgrade environment.

About this task

Performing the following tasks, as shown in Figure 1:


  1. Install an upgrade environment in the version that corresponds to the current version of the sharded deployment. In this example, install a new Release 10.0. run time in sharded mode (Upgrade_V1).
  2. For each colony in Production_V1 that you are upgrading, add a new colony to Upgrade_V1. The new colony acts as a placeholder in Upgrade_V1 for the colonies in Production_V1 that you are upgrading. Later, you will move the colonies from Production_V1 to Upgrade_V1 and replace the placeholder colonies. In this example, add CLY1_new to Upgrade_V1.
    Note: The DEFAULT colony is included with all new sharded installations.
    Figure 1. Create upgrade environment upgrade_v1