Installing and extending sample event and user exit template files

Use this information to extend events and the user exit on the Order server.

About this task

To support integration, Sterling Order Management System Software contains the following sample template files, which need to be extended to be enterprise-specific:

  • Events:
  • User exit:
    • getExternalAvailability.xml.sample
    An out-of-the box default implementation of the getExternalAvailabilityUE is provided. The integration user exit and the Impl class that it points to is as follows:
    Table 1. Integration user exit and associated impl file
    User Exit Impl class

    Running the Activator for an enterprise enables the user exit implementation for the enterprise.

    If user exits are implemented for the DEFAULT organization, all organizations for which the system does not find organization-specific UEs will fall back to that implementation.


  1. Copy event templates from INSTALL_DIR/repository/promising_server_integration/template/event into INSTALL_DIR/extensions/global/template/event and rename as non-sample xml files.
  2. Copy the user exit template from INSTALL_DIR/repository/promising_server_integration/template/userexit into INSTALL_DIR/extensions/global/template/userexit and rename as a non-sample xml file.
  3. Rebuild the resources.jar and rebuild the ear.
  4. Redeploy the ear and restart the Sterling Order Management System Software server.