Six months later: upgrade CLY2 to Production_V2

Review the information for an example of upgrading CLY2 to Production_V2.

About this task

In this example, CLY2 is upgraded to Production_V2 six months after CLY1 has been upgraded to Production_V2. You can upgrade CLY2 to Production_V2 by performing the same tasks that were performed to upgrade CLY1 to Production_V2; however, you must create a new upgrade environment every time you add colonies to a production environment where other colonies are already deployed. Thus, in this example, a new Release 10.0 runtime, Upgrade_V2-CLY2, is installed in upgrade mode and sharded mode. Upgrade_V2_CLY2 is the new version upgrade environment, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Create upgrade_v1-cLY2 in order to upgrade CLY2 to production_v2